We are a boutique wedding and event production studio based in San Francisco, California. We know that planning the perfect event requires an elevated level of attention to detail. And we are passionate about perfecting the process.

For us, it is about creating and executing a perfectly curated and customized experience, for our clients and their guests, that will linger in their memories long after the event has passed. We believe that design, planning, and execution, hold equal importance in creating the perfect big day, and focus on building and perfecting all three elements for each client.

We are here to create forever memories for you, and to keep the experience smooth, stress-free, fabulous, and above all-fun, because of course, at the heart of it all, it must be fabulous, and it must be fun.


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our story + our mission

Catherine grew up in Sonoma County, California, and loves everything that picturesque Northern California and wine country has to offer.

At the age of fifteen, she moved to San Francisco, and joined ballet students from around the world to study full-time with San Francisco Ballet School. Here, she fell in love with the city, and with events. As a ballet student, and several years later, as a professional ballerina, she attended many celebrations, from intimate and elegant lunches, to San Francisco Ballet’s Gala opening-night and New Year’s Eve celebrations at some of the most fabulous venues the city has to offer. She found event and ballet productions to be similar in design. Both required the same attention to detail to create a perfect setting and aesthetic. Both relied on the perfect combination of colors, scenery, music, lighting, decor and more to create a unique experience for attendees.

When Catherine retired from her career as a ballerina, she began to build her career planning events. She received her degree in Mass Communications from UC Berkeley, and initially began her career as a planner working for arts organizations and dance companies, planning galas and celebrations like the ones she had attended for years. She then moved into the executive-level gathering and corporate event planning space, and then the social planning space, eventually falling in love with planning and designing weddings. She founded Big Day (of) in 2019. 

She believes that events must be fabulous, and they must be fun. She is guided by the philosophy that creating an event is really creating a beautiful memory that will stay with the client and guests long after the event has passed.

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